RBS ESSA Accreditation

ICU Wushu is proud to announce that we have attained the RBS Enterprising Student Society accreditation (ESSA). The ESSA is a national scheme which recognises the hard work that students put in to make clubs like the ICU Wushu Society aweseome.

As part of the accreditation, ICU is entering the featured video to the right into the ESSA competition. Take a look at our video, not only is it kickass but watching it helps our drive to win!

And below is a video of our training from the past year!

Thinking About Starting Martial Arts?

If you're a college student who's recently thought about doing a martial art, but wasn't sure about it in any way... here's our President's take on why you should get up and try our classes! This article was recently featured in the Imperial College newsletter, felix.

Why do Wushu?

Featured Video