Hello and welcome to Imperial College Ultimate Frisbee Club, known in the ultimate world as the disc Doctors and as you will soon figure out, our club mascot is a duck. Here you will find all of the information you need to start playing the game and joining the club. We're looking forward to meeting you!

Training Sessions

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Hello and welcome to a new year! If you're interested in playing ultimate frisbee at uni then here's your chance. Come and see us at freshers fair and sign up the mailing list and facebook page. This way you can be kept informed of beginner's training sessions and social nights to meet everyone.

For previous years results see here.

Upcoming Events
8th - 9th October - SICKO

15th October - Skyde Park beginner's tournament

29th - 30th October - Mixed Indoor Regionals

12th - 13th November - Men's Indoor Regionals

19th - 20th November - Women's Indoor Regionals

26th - 27th November - Mixed Indoor Regionals

4th - 5th February - Men's & Women's Indoor Nationals

Outdoor event dates are yet to be announced. Expect Men's and Women's national to take place around April time.

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