Team Trials Hunt

As we had many great players graduate, the club is looking for new dedicated players to represent Imperial College in the British Universities and Colleges Sport (BUCS) league and championship. We have maintained a strong reputation in the table tennis league and bolster 4 teams in total: 3 men’s and 1 women’s. The professional teams aren’t just about skill, they incorporate dedication to and passion for the sport.

What to expect at the team trials? Well, here is what not to expect, there won’t be a match against current players or amongst other candidates and the winner joins the team. On the contrary, it will be like a practice sessions few minutes depending on the number of people to see hints of skill, technique, stability and experience. We essentially look for potential as we know that many people haven’t played for some time. Here some things we look out for:

  • Steady play: One of the crucial things is to have control over the game. This is important not only to win matches but also to be able train with other players in the team. Hints of control, a steady technique would be great to see in the trials.
  • Technique: If you have prior table tennis experience and / or coaching proper technique would reveal itself. Positioning, serves and strikes are all crucial components of a good table tennis player. Equally, if you converted from tennis to table tennis that would be entertaining to watch as well.

Relax, focus on the basics and enjoy.