Spring Term

Finally, the spring term we have been all waiting for. With more relaxed and less crowded sessions, spring always offers the best of the table tennis. Social sessions have been re-branded into casual sessions to differentiate between actual socials and casual sessions. Here are few important points to kick of the new term:

  • Membership covers spring term: returning members do not have to buy anything to participate this term!
  • Same session hours and location: nothing has change, the session slots have been booked in bulk so they are the same as last term.
  • New members are at reduced price: to be fair new members who haven’t joined last term, the membership price has been reduced.

Based on the feedback we got last term, we are planning to organize actual socials, new team challenges and depending on the volume of people in the sessions maintain tournaments as well as coaching. Welcome back and hope to see you at the sessions!