Mini Tournaments

As the term progresses and practice makes perfect, it is time to test your table tennis skills against other players. Unlike large tournaments with many bracket levels, the mini tournament series are designed to start and finish at a single social session. Here is an overview of the mini tournaments:

  • Consists of 4 people, elimination style.
  • Only social players can join (no team members or seniors)
  • Each match is best of 5, so 3 winning sets
  • First place prize: 3 star ITTF match ball
  • Run at the same time and place as social sessions
  • No booking required, first come first serve at the start of session

When are the mini tournaments? Depends on the volume of the social sessions, our priority is to give as much space as possible to members. However, as the sessions get quieter, we can hold extra events such as mini tournaments. You can check the events section on the website for tournament dates. Do you have what it takes? Prove it.