Christmas Break

The autumn term draws to its conclusion as the cool weather lends itself to a bitter Christmas. Deadlines past, exams finished and over 20 table tennis sessions later, we are ready to go on a break! We hope you had a great term and enjoyed the table tennis curated by the club. There are a few reminders though:

  • Membership includes second term: You do not have to purchase anything to enjoy the sessions in the spring term.
  • No sessions during Christmas break: Club activities resume with the start of the spring term, we might not able to immediately respond to emails during break either.
  • Reduced membership fee for new members: The membership fee will be reduced to only cover the upcoming term if you are considering joining (which you should) the table tennis club.

For other updates look out for email notifications and the website should have all the up to date information on event times etc. Merry Christmas and hope to see you next year…