Casual Sessions 101

Casual sessions are the main regular events that the club organizes weekly. The sessions are quite relaxed and gather members of all levels who enjoy table tennis. It is the perfect opportunity to test your skills against different players and improve along the way. This year the club has made some changes on the times the sessions are held and how coaching might be integrated into them.

  • This season, sessions are held on Tuesday 6-8pm and Friday 8-10pm.
  • Autumn and spring term times are scheduled and covered by the membership.
  • All sessions are in Ethos Sports Centre.
  • Most players bring their own bats but we have spare bats and provide training balls.
  • Depending on the sports centre we normally have 5 tables.
  • Beginning of term sessions can be busy but cools down considerably when people realize they have work to do.

The last bullet point is especially true for the first few weeks when we plan to have free taster sessions open for everyone in the college, but fear not! Often, at least a one member of the committee will be attending the sessions and might challenge you to a few points every now and then.