The Sailing Club travels to the Mediterranean!

The club finally ditched the chilly weather of Wembley Sailing Club and enjoyed a dreamy holiday along the Greek coastline.

On the 30th of June, 12 members of the Imperial College Sailing Club met at Gatwick’s Wetherspoons before beginning the voyage to Corfu, Greece. Upon a late night arrival at the marina, we carb loaded with the infamous Greek dish, Gyros, and headed into town to join our training partners from the University of London (ULU), with whom we spent the week sailing.

#1 reason to move to the Med: these sunsets

The next morning, after Ariane responsibly stocked up the 50 feet yacht with food and (most importantly) drinks for the week, we set sail for a faraway beach club. Each day, the crew avoided the mundane task of washing up by cooking instead (the culinary highlights including Calvin’s souvlaki and Oliver’s and Charlie’s freshly caught crab). Such exotic cuisines placed us way ahead of ULU who stuck to the standard grub after weekly trainings – pasta and tomato sauce. However, the friendly rivalry between the clubs, usually demonstrated at the annual BUSA competitions, reached new heights when we set our eyes on ULU’s £50 inflatable duck. A cunning plan to kidnap theduck was schemed by Aidan (demonstrating noteworthy commodore characteristics) and Nick. They decided to hold Toby as hostage on the duck’s boat as a method of distraction for its crew. In the meanwhile, they paddled it to our boat and later rescued Toby in a tender. The next day we named the duck Hoisin, the rest is history.

Over the course of a week, we sailed to Iggy Creek, Lakka, Gaios, Parga and Plataria and spent the nights exploring the local bars and clubs. In between islands we stopped to swim and snorkel, sipped on ouzo (*blending with the locals*) and enjoyed nautical-themed music such as “Reggae Shark”, which was heavily endorsed by Rory, Nick and Aidan. One morning at 6am, Toby sailed us to the stunning “Emerald Bay”. In an attempt to top the previous day’s crab catch, some of the crew tried spear fishing with arod and a kitchen knife tied to the end, whilst Radhika found the tranquillity of the bay perfect to recover from a bad hangover. Suddenly, schools of fish came rushing towards us, and the spear-fishers were ready to go in for the kill, but Fraser and Charlie soon realised that the schools’ arrival coincided with the hangover victim’s tactical chunder having been flushed into the sea. Certain that these fish would not be as appetising we had hoped, the mission was aborted.

Our final stop was Plataria. After a tiresome week of skippering around Greece and being held hostage at the expense of an inflatable duck, Toby went for a much deserved relaxing swim, but was tragically stung by a jellyfish. Thankfully we had medic freshers Lily, Charlie and Oliver on board, who assured him that “peeing on it probably won’t work” and Calvin’s second year of medical school knowledge led him to the conclusion that a teatree oil ointment was the best solution (which was surprisingly effective). Rejuvenated by thenatural treatment, Toby stole all of ULU’s flags and hoisted another one of their inflatables, a golden swan, onto their mast.

On the last morning, we headed back to Corfu and stopped on the way to refuel, where Fraser’s docking manoeuvre (drift) impressed even the head of the boat charter company. Sadly, we had to part without Hoisin the Duck.


It was a well-deserved holiday made memorable with great company, and we cannot wait for more adventures in the year ahead. We are very excited to welcome new members and would love to introduce more people to sailing! Be sure to follow us on social media and attend one of our fresher’s events to get involved.

Can’t wait for summer sail week 2019!!



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