Southampton JurassiCAN’T handle Womens Rubgy

Tour was off to an exciting start, you wouldn’t have hedged your bets that a two hour coach journey to Southampton would be fun, but when you’re surrounded by your friends and with each mile travelled, university’s impending deadlines and revision you haven’t started yet fade into the distance… it’s pretty great. Fuelled by oreos, gummy worms and a bottle of cranberry juice, that was actually just cranberry juice, the valiant team arrived , and trekked to the glorious hotel a.k.a. scout hut. Some lugging week-long holiday suitcases, required for the 6 different outfits they brought for a single weekend (Spare shirts would later be used for dish dryer purposes. Packing: Dinosaur onesies? Yes. Full body blue paint? Yes. Dishclothes? No. )

Our cooking skills leave a little to be desired...

Our cooking skills leave a little to be desired…

Following a rapid outing in search of food and *beverages*, every year the team distraught to find sainsburys closing before midnight in everywhere that isn’t London,  kebab shops and offies were found as the obvious alternatives. With sustinence secured, it was time to allocate tour tasks, some secret, some public, most Jurrassic Park themed. Some were gloriously executed with many velociraptor poses taken, kinder-eggs eaten, and one industrious company started with many business connections made throughout the night. Others failed miserably, with drama as intense as masking tape eggs hidden at the bottom of sleeping bags, a lack of gloating and the phrase “Skene’s gland” uttered one time too many, all would be later settled at tour court.


IMG_20161119_133452Tasks allocated, and dressed to impress, Womens Rugby arrived at Oceana, and enthusiastically danced the night away on the famous rainbow lit dancefloor with some players almost gaining access to special cut-off rooms before leaving in search of pizza. The next day the team was energised and raring to go for the match v Southampton, with team Fitness Officer shouting lots of encouragement from pitchside.  It was a game of break out runs from both teams, forward Laura plowing through the defence like a plastic tub melting through a grill and Joe making some spectacular runs to secure a combination of tries and try saving tackles . At half time the score was 12: 19 with Imperial only down by 5, however after a great combination of scrums, and runs Southamptons last try two minutes before the end of the game was all but superfluous to secure their victory.  However they did agree to join us in an en-masse spectacular Velociraptor moment… :D


IMG_20161120_125256While the rugby game was lost, the costume game was won, as rugby prepared for a Jurrassic Park themed night at Jesters. With a 50% increase on Southampton buddies to party with from the previous year,  it was a magical night of bright green and red drinks, fire code violations and who could forget the infamous Jesters double-toilet cubicle.  Although yes, the blue body paint did get everywhere… Returning home once again to the joy that is pizza, it was a wonderful end to the 20 hour long day. Exhausted but proud of all we’d accomplished, rugby indulged in the customary IKEA Sunday breakfast, with a few players venturing into IKEA’s childrens sections to buy a stuffed tiger and turtle puppet as souvenirs of the weekends awesomeness.




Womens Rugby: A Good Day To Try Hard

A close game full of surprise turns and breakout stars, with three playing their first and therefore best match ever.


Pumped and rearing to go…


Dat warm up tho…

The game was off to a flying start, the ball primarily … after it was kicked, with a strong advance, Imperial dominated the first quarter with a core backbone of experienced players. Two minor injuries within 5 minutes of play were not enough to put anyone off with Imperial slowly making gains up the field. This culminated in a scrum just metres from the try line, a tense scene, the ball precariously held at the edge of the second row. It was all on number 9 Elizabeth.  She darted out, took advantage of a gap in the defence and ran straight to the try line, scoring between the posts.

Then out strode the kicker, Moran, placing the tee on the ground. Then with an almighty kick, the ball went soaring over and between the posts.

Yet following this excellent display, the Imperialites began to tire and Brunel went on to score 3 tries to Imperials 1st. Things went from bad to worse as captain Charlotte was forced off after a bad fall on her hand. During these times of hardship Fresher Anna was standout with a wicked sprint. With natural ease she brought down players that broke through Imperial’s defensive line again and again just metres from the try line.


At this point, Captain Charlotte insisted on being put back on despite several suspected broken fingers and quickly scored Imperial’s second try of the match with the help of Moran and Laura. Which goes to show, as long suspected, doctors don’t always know best. (This is backed by one player who discussed the use of acupuncture to cure ACL tears after the game.)

So, one quarter to go, the score stood 19-12, Imperial only needed one more try to break even. Suddenly Anna broke through Brunels defences, “Run! Run!” the spectators screamed, and boy she did, with such audacity she insisted on outrunning and crossing over 3 different opposing players to not only score a try in her first game from a run half way up the pitch, but between the goal posts as well. The Imperial Team ran to swarm her in an emotional scene, with about half making it, the rest slowing to a walk. The Imperial team continues to work on its fitness.

With a conversion bringing them equal and 10 minutes to go Imperial was feeling good, confident even. This was dashed when  Brunels star player was brought back on and scored two more tries before the whistle, leaving the final score 31-19. I’m not saying every time Brunel started losing they brought on an England quality player to score two tries and then immediately go off, but that’s definitely what happened. Like repeatedly throughout the game.


Still a great start to the Season for the Imperial Womens, they didn’t lose by triple figures and no one got broken (except Charlotte, more like capPain am I right?).  


Freshers Week on Fleek

IMG_20161004_131357We kicked off this year with our annual Freshers Fair, recruiting would-be rugby players far and wide to join our noble society, and many current members seeing each other for the first time in months. Many hugs and awkward “How was your summer?”‘s ensued. Baked bribery was used with cookies promising rugby pals “5eva”. (This has found later to be accurate, but not contractually binding ).

Well it must have been effective, because we got the damn finest gaggle of freshers we’ve ever be honored enough to see. The afternoon was filled with rugby netball (eurgh), passing practice and mini games to give freshers what was probably their first and therefore greatest rugby experience. To cap off the day we had a delightful picnic and then got crafty with some shirt decorating (followed by selfies). 



This team building exercise painted not only the shirts but a picture of what is surely gonna be an excellent year to come…

IMG_20161005_210538To celebrate and get to know the freshers even better we embarked on the Tropical Hammersmith Pub Crawl in the evening culminating at the Qube for the afterparty. Here tragically we lost many people in the long, waiting queue to their dreams of burritos and sleep. Still some 10 galliant souls made it in and partied to the wee hours, definitely drawing a parallel to the hard work and stamina that pays off in rugby.

An excellent start to the season, with many exciting and equally fun afternoons and evenings full of games, training, friendships and Hammersmith to come… 

Freshers Events 2K16 (Whoop whoop)

5th October – Freshers Fair Stand

Freshers Fair, a great opportunity to come and meet us and hear about our totally awesome plans for the year! We’ll be on Queen’s Lawn from 11am-4pm, look out for our beautiful banner, rugby onesies and big smiling faces.

You can ask us any burning questions you have, get the low down on our fresher events, see what we’re like (we’re lovely, but it’s always worth checking yourself) and get an epic high five for your trouble.

6th October –  Taster Day + Tropical Pub Crawl

(see the facebook event here)

This day is all about welcoming you, one and all, to one of the friendliest sports teams at imperial! We can’t wait to meet you all and give you what will probably be your first experience with the glorious sport that is rugby :D

The day starts at 11.30am sharp in Beit Quad (look for the banner!), ready to get the coaches to Harlington (our training ground) at 12. Don’t worry if you are late on the day, a few of us will stay behind and we will go together on public transport.

At Harlington we will have a rugby taster session (don’t worry if you haven’t played before!), followed by a FREE PICNIC with lots of fun games and challenges (all will be revealed!). A great time to get to know your future teammates and make friends. This will end by 5 with coaches to take you back to South Kensington and Hammersmith by 6.

Afterwards we will all go on mass to the Reynolds Tropical Beach Pub Crawl. There will be meeting points at 7.30 at Woodward and Beit Quad with a later 8pm meeting outside Hammersmith Broadway Tescos.  This legendary event is open to medics and non-medics alike,(and NOT to be missed) and there’s an afterparty at the Qube Project til 4am – you can buy afterparty tickets at Reynolds for just £8!

Essentials for the day are:
- Sports gear (rugby boots not necessary – trainers will do!)
- Towel and shower things (SPARE PANTS)
- ID
- Tropical Beach costume/ clothes for pub crawl 
- Cash for the afterparty ticket
- Oyster Card
- Plain t-shirt (for secret decoration purposes, message Freya 07432559966, if you don’t have one, she’s doing a mass shop Wednesday morning)
If you get lost at any point in the day, we will be updating our position through our event page :)



rad rucking against Reading

In the first match of the new year on Wednesday 20th Jan, the Imperial woman’s rugby team set off to Reading in a hope of their first win this season in the league.

Reading January 2016Spirits and morale were high as the team arrived nearly on time to the sports ground. After a quick warm up, the game was underway. After an early try by Reading, not disheartened the team pulled together and managed to score 2 tries in the first half. The first by Charlotte, in a show of pure strength and determination, pushing through the opposing line. The second by Elizabeth in an equally mighty battle to the line. Imperial got a very lucky breaks when, having broken free of opponents, a Reading player failed to put down the ball on the touch line and ran it into the dead zone! But this was only a slight let up and unfortunately the speed of Reading was too much at times and they broke through the Imperial team, pushing them further into the lead. All in all the first half showed some very good rugby, with Imperial winning scrums and turning over in rucks.

January makes for rather unforgiving pitches!

January makes for unforgiving pitches!

At the half time team talk, spirits were lifted and the team were eager to pull back some points. However the hard pitch (nearly frozen) made this an even harder task. The 2nd half was a story of tackling, with some amazing tackles being landed by everyone, especially Lizzie, Pip and Freya. The rucking ability of the Imperial team was far superior to Reading’s, with a large portion of tackles ending up in a turnover. Unfortunately the 2nd half also lead to some injuries, notably the Captain’s cracked rib, meaning that Reading’s speedy number 12 managed to slip through the defensive line, scoring more tries. The Imperial team thought they had a lucky break when, due to injury, Reading’s top try scorer of the match was subbed off.  However, the lack of recent training was starting to show as the team tired towards the end, and couldn’t quite get any points back.


Final score 65-10 to Reading. But not a disheartening game, with many of the girls playing a stormer of a match, and having the bruises to prove it, it was a very good benchmark to start the season on. Well done girls!

-Laura Tuckey

Southampton VicTOURy

Southampton was the lucky destination for this term’s tour, and while the weather was mediocre, the rest of the weekend was far from it.

tour court: serious business

tour court: serious business

Scandalously, we were separated on the way there and had to go on two different coaches, but the reunion was oh-so-sweet.  Following an outing for beverages and much-needed food, we headed back to base (a luxurious scout hut) and were given personalised tour tasks, some of which were passed with flying colours over the course of the weekend (shout-out to Laura using an ASDA carrier bag as a handbag on both nights), and some of which were monumentally failed.  All was settled at tour court, a solemn judicial process in which tour offenders were given an opportunity to redeem themselves before Her Honour Ran (tour sec and justice for the evening).

Friday night at Oceana

Friday night at Oceana

With a new sense of purpose, we got to Oceana, where most of us danced the night away in an evening that was memorable for all, and some of us went back to the hut early – purely to better prepare for Saturday’s match.  The next day, everyone was keen and raring to go in the unrelenting rain, and you could barely keep the subs off the pitch.  We played a strong game, with tries from Becca 1, Becca 2, Lizzie and Sam bringing us to a 17-32 victory against the Southampton medics.  (Freya also brought us our first conversion of the year, woowoo!)

Jesters wasn't ready

Jesters wasn’t ready

Our costume game was truly something to witness as we went all-in for our Mad Max theme – the picture explains all, really.


post-tour blues imminent

Our joint social with Southampton medics was slightly one sided (we would have loved to have more new dancing buddies!) but nothing could detract from the pure joy that was Jesters.  After another magical evening, and left only slightly confused by the double-toilet cubicle, we made our way home, proud of all we had achieved in the day and happily surprised by how rich we all still were (why, London).  Sunday was IKEA-breakfast day (meatballs have never looked so good) and time for the sad trip back home.  Roll on the next tour!

a very friendly beginning

Our first game of the season was a home LUSL match against RVC, and to everyone’s joy and surprise, we had multiple subs!  Having had only one training session, we were a bit out of practice, so the game was an opportunity for seniors to remember (and freshers to find out!) how the game works.

look how many of us there are!

look how many of us there are!

We had a slow start, with gaps in the defensive line letting the other team make breakthroughs, putting the pressure on our fresher fullback Freya – but she responded with some impressive tackles to keep us in the game.  We upped the intensity and stayed in RVC’s half for a long time, with second row Lizzie scoring our first try of the game.  After half time we scored two more tries (thanks to fullback Becca and centre Steph) to narrow the gap between us and the opposition.

In the end we didn’t do quite enough to catch up with RVC, but came away from the game with some practice under our belts and a good idea of what to focus on in training.  And our freshers did us proud, with both our players of the match (back Freya and forward Laura) being first years!

Our next match was against Brunel in the BUCS league, but due to a referee sourcing problem, we played a friendly.  This was another chance for us to get more comfortable with our positions and practise what we’d learned in training, and although we lost, we postponed the match and will come back to meet Brunel stronger than ever!

apparently this is 'hun'-ing

apparently this is ‘hun’-ing

This week’s BUCS game was against Brighton, and despite our having arrived late and had a rushed warmup (darn the minibus speed limit), the game got off to a promising start.  Our defensive line showed improvement from previous games, and there were several turnovers in our favour, allowing us to stay solidly in Brighton’s half of the pitch.


Becca awaiting attention (as per)

Becca awaiting attention (as per)

A few minutes in, however, a stroke of bad luck saw our centre Becca injure their knee just metres from the try-line after an awkward fall from a tackle.  The game continued as a 15-minute halves friendly due to the dwindling light, and while we didn’t play our best game, we did make some good progress, with several players trying out new positions and everyone gelling more as a team.  Our forward of the match was fresher Charlotte (technically a fresher, but a rugby pro), and our back of the match was Becca, who will no doubt come back to earn the title again when their knee is better.


All in all we’ve had an interesting start, but hopefully we’ll get to play a full BUCS league match soon!

Feeling Fresh for the 2015/16 Season

Your Captain & Vice Captain bringing up the rear!

Your Captain & Vice Captain bringing up the rear!

Freshers’ week was amazing this year – mostly thanks to the many, many freshers who have made the brilliant decision to join us at ICUWRFC!  After a hectic freshers’ fair, we had a great turnout at our taster day, where our new coach helped newbies and seniors alike get to grips with the sport with some touch rugby, before leaving us in the hands of the socials secs for some classic primary-school-sports-day favourites.

tube to the Qube

tube to the Qube

Then it was back on the busses to Hammersmith to prepare for the Drs and Nurses pub crawl.  We successfully navigated the watering holes of Hammersmith to finally reach the Qube for the afterparty, and it was all the more fun for having new faces around <3

With our first training tomorrow and first game on Sunday, we’re super excited to show what we can do this season!

Freshers Events 2015

Considering joining women’s rugby?  To find out what we do on a weekly basis, head to our About Us section – and here’s some info on our upcoming freshers’ events to start your rugby journey!

** if you have any questions about any of our events, email Lizzie at! **


3rd October – Touch Rugby and Watching the World Cup

All moved in and no place to go?  Come and meet the rugby ladies!  We’ll be in Prince’s Gardens from 10am, where we’re playing a touch tournament with the rugby boys, and we’d love you to join in.  You can just watch if you’d prefer, but you should totally play – we’ll show you how!  Afterwards we’re going to Eastside bar (it’s right next to Prince’s Gardens) to watch the rugby world cup together.

What to bring:  Wear clothes and shoes you can run about in


QLplan6th October – Freshers’ Fair on Queen’s lawn

We’ll be at our stand (number 4 on the map on the right) on Queen’s lawn from 11am-4pm – just look out for our purple shirts or wonderful blue rugby onesies.  You can come and meet us to ask questions, or just to see what we’re like (we’re lovely, but it’s always worth checking yourself), and we’ll tell you all about what it’s like to be part of the team.

What to bring:  Your eager selves



7th October – Freshers’ Taster Day and Drs & Nurses

(see the facebook event here)

This day is all about having a good time and getting to know each other!  We’re going to Harlington training ground on a coach leaving at 12 noon, so meet us in Beit Quad at 11:45.  If you can’t make that, some of us will be leaving a bit later to go on public transport so you can come with that group instead – we wouldn’t want you to miss out!

At Harlington, we’ll be having a taster session with our new coach – starting with the basics like how to hold/throw the ball – then playing some fun games and having a (vegetarian-friendly) BBQ with the rugby boys.  This is the time to make friends with your future teammates and nab some delicious(ly free) food!

After that, we’ll head back on the coach and minibus, where we’ll take you to one of our houses to get changed and prepare for the excitement that is the Drs and Nurses pub crawl (should you wish to join us) (and you definitely should).  This legendary event is open to medics and non-medics alike, and there’s an afterparty til 6am – you can buy on the door or online for just £7!

What to bring: Wear sporty clothes & shoes (it may be muddy and/or chilly)

                        Shower stuff, towel & spare pants

                        Scrubs/Dr/nurse costume/clothes for a pub crawl

                        Cash for Drs & Nurses afterparty

                        ID (for pub crawl) and Imperial ID

                        Oyster card




Mixed start to the season

So we are two matches into the season and we’ve had mixed results. A lot of our senior girls from last year graduated which has meant we have had to throw our freshers into the deep end. To our delight they have coped with it admirably, and if it weren’t for three unfortunate injuries to our back line within the first 25 minutes of the UCL game the result may have been different.

We started off the season with the defence of our LUSL title against RVC, with 9 new faces making their début for IC. Everyone played well, with freshers Eimear Nolan and Emily Moran both scoring in their first ever game. We won the match 27-7, pleased to still be undefeated in LUSL.

The second game of the season, saw the start of our BUCS campaign and, as alluded to earlier, didn’t go as well and was blighted by injuries. In the end our inexperienced back line couldn’t handle the speed and passing of the UCL one resulting in a 36-21 loss.


There were many positives to take away from it though, not least of all our scrum which managed to win every scrum of the game regardless of who put it.

With our confidence knocked slightly we were soon cheered up by the prospect of ACC and our YMCA themed sports night. It’s safe to say we commiserated in style and put the loss behind us, ready to take on St Marys next.




We always welcome new players at any point in the term, whether you have played before or not, so if you fancy joining IC women’s rugby contact our president Mona ( for more details.

Read the full article about the start of our season here on the Felix website, the Imperial College student newspaper.