A message from our President

Imperial Lacrosse is a club open to everyone. Whether you are looking for some intense sport or just a bit of fun, we have 5 amazing teams covering all abilities. From brand new beginners to seasoned lacrosse players, we are the only sport to include medics, non-medics, men and women all in one society. All of our amazing teams will be going hard to get that number 1 spot in their individual leagues.

Last year was the first time our club had a men's twos team which turned out to be a huge success. The club is looking forward to seeing them continue their amazing growth. Our club has tonnes of fun throughout the year, from our weekly Wednesday sports nights to our stylish Black Tie events. Each year we have our festive Laxmas and the legendary Annual Tour!!

If you want to get involved with one of the biggest clubs at Imperial, as a player or as a social member, come find us at Fresher’s Fair or drop an email to lacrosse@imperial.ac.uk
See you soon!


Our five teams: 

Women's 1st Team

The Women's 1st Lax team has always played to a high standard and has a history of being champions of the South Eastern 1st Division. Having learnt a lot when playing in the premiership last year we are ready to grow together and destroy the competition again in the upcoming season. We train twice a week with two sessions of strength and conditioning.

Women's 2nd Team

Our ladies' 2s team welcomes all lacrosse rookies and also those not quite ready for pro level! With the help of your experienced teammates and coaches, we’ll take you from learning to throw and catch to set plays in a safe space where we're all learning. We train three times a week and have regular league and cup matches for a healthy dose of competition.

Men's 1st Team

The Men's first team are an immensely competitive team, built up of determined players, both with and without previous experience before university. With the introduction of the men's 2s team this year, the focus of the 1s is firmly set on the league title and reaching the next level as a team. We train twice a week and also have strength and conditioning twice a week.

Men's 2nd Team

The Men’s 2s is ideal for people who are new to sport or want to spend more time developing their skills on the pitch. This season, we’re in the South Eastern 2B division and we’ll be playing against other universities such as Reading and CCCU as well as the 2s teams of UCL and Kent (whose 1s will be facing off against our 1s).


Our mixed team is where all players come together, so it’s a great way to get to know the whole club! Training is every Saturday, matches are played every other Sunday. After matches we always head to a pub to celebrate our victory! Ever year we play a varsity match (see above) where the entire club gets involved in a mega Medics v.s Non-Medics match and then stroll proudly to the bin.