Training - Regular Term Training Times

Out of Term Practice in Imperial College London.

Unfortunately, the university academic year has ended and we only have limited sessions with few members. To ensure you are kept up to date with our practices, please follow our Facebook group for more updates. If you are new and want to join, we hold a beginners' course at the start of every academic year. For more information, you can visit our FAQ page for more information. Otherwise, our regular sessions outside term time (17th July 2019 - August 2019) are:

Day Time Location Session Type
Wednesday 9.00pm-11.00pm Union Gym (3F) Armour-Only
Friday 8.00pm-10.00pm Union Dining Hall (1F) Kata

You are very welcome to come, take a look and practice with us. If you have never played Kendo before and want to visit us, please come at the very beginning or end of our session. As Kendo practice is very intense, it is unlikely that anybody will have time for you if you show up in the middle of a session.

There is a special beginner course starting every Autumn Term, directly after Freshers' week. It is best to start together with the other beginners, but if you are an experienced player who is already in armour, it is possible to join later in the year. We don't normally accept new beginners after November as the rest of the group will already be too far ahead. It is then better to wait for the next beginners' course in the Autumn Term of next year.


This calendar mainly shows the regular practice times during term time and may not be as updated. Please check our Facebook group for more details.

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