Which Is The Pointy End?

Never picked up a foil before and want to fence? The easiest thing to do is turn up to one of our Novice Course sessions and see how you like it. Your first session is free, and you will to get to see if fencing is for you.

The Details

For all those new to fencing, we are run a beginners’ course each year during Autumn Term to teach you the essentials of fencing. There are two sessions that run one after each other:

Day Times Location
Monday 19:00 to 20:00 and 20:00 to 21:00 Ethos Sports Centre Court 5

Each session features group footwork and teaching, as well as opportunities for free fencing with your fellow beginners. All fencing equipment and coaching is provided as part of the session price. All you need to bring yourself are trainers, t-shirt and comfortable trousers. Shower and changing facilities are available for free at Ethos.

Beyond the Novice Course

After completing the beginners’ course you will then have the opportunity to continue lessons with our coaches and to join the more experienced members of the club at for footwork and free fencing in our regular training sessions.

There are also plenty of opportunities to go to novice competitions and meet (and form rivalries with) fencers from other universities in London, and it’s a great way to make friends! Socialising and competing alongside your fellow fencers in a team is a great way to bond.

And if you don’t want to compete and just want a chance to have good exercise once or twice a week, this is the perfect opportunity!

Worry not if you do not make it in for a session right at the start of the year as it takes only a session or two to get up to speed with the basics of fencing. Every year we have several people jump in midway through the year, and start competing in novice competitions after just a few sessions! Just come down to our training sessions, speak to all the friendly members, novices and coaches, and your swashbuckling adventure will be started before you know it!