The club offers 15 minute individual lessons with one of our coaches each session at a cost of £4.50 each.  These lessons are open to everyone who has completed a beginners’ course, though priority is given to members in teams. The lessons are allocated on rotation and if you would like to be included on the list (and there is a slot free below) for a lesson please email:fencing@imperial.ac.uk or approach the Secretary with your name and weapon.

Currently allocated lesson dates and times are listed below and will be updated whenever regular slots are changed. If you cannot make a lesson it is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to arrange to swap lessons with someone else on the lesson list for that week. If the person you swap with doesn’t arrive on time, and neither do you, then the slot’s initial owner will be charged! 

Friday Lesson Allocations

Lesson Time Name
18:15 Oluwanifemi
18:30 Adam
18:45 Slavi
19:00 Thömas
19:15 Florentina
19:30 Haroon
19:45 Maria