Trainings this term!

Exam time sport is always good…

Hello folks !

I know it’s exam time but a bit of sport is always good to help you to keep your mind fresh ! Trainings are on Mondays from 6 pm until 8 pm at Ethos on the badminton court #1 (the one on the left). It is 2 hours of free fencing. Everybody is welcome, all weapons, all levels. Just drop an email to the club at least 1 hours before the training so we can arrange kits for you. Last training will be on Monday 18th June and there’s no training on Monday 28th May as it’s a bank holiday. See you there !


Next AGM

Annual meeting of the club…

Hello guys and pals

Once a year, we have the annual meeting of the club to mainly elect the next committee. It’s going to be either this Thursday (8th March) at 5pm or this Friday (9th March) at 6pm.

After a year of great fun, I have to leave my position of president as I hope not to be anymore a student by Christmas after spending 10 years in different universities. There are 8 positions available plus others if you want to create more (social events officer, publicity officer…). The actual positions are:

If you want to stand for any of them, you can contact any of us to have more information about our job. Don’t hesitate! The only condition to propose yourself for a position is to be a student. But be careful… if there’s nobody for some positions, you could be designated and elected if you are not around…

Please let me know BEFORE Wednesday evening which day you can make it and we will fix the day according to your answers so please reply. The club is nothing without you: If there are no fencers, there’s no club. So take this opportunity to come and say what you want. The AGM will be also the opportunity for all of you to discuss about what’s going to happen next year. If you have ideas, wants, dreams: come and talk! We won’t eat anybody, don’t be shy.



End of term…end of trainings

Hello folks

As most of you already know, it’s in a couple of weeks Easter holidays. There are no trainings during holidays and for the moment, there are no trainings planned during summer term. So the next 2 weeks are you last 2 weeks. EXCEPT IF you want to change that ! In this case, we need to know very quickly if you want to have one training per week during summer term. We need a minimum of fencers as we haven’t received any funding for summer term so we have to cover our coaching expenses based on the money raised during trainings.

So please contact me ( to tell me if you want to carry on.



IC Fencing Novice Competition

This is for all the new fencers in the club, (and anyone else who’s interested):
Guys and Gals,
Now that turn-out to training sessions seems to back up, we’ll be running a novice competition in the next two Monday training sessions. It’ll be just…
in foil and it’s a great chance to try out some of the new moves you’ve been learning about. So far ten bright and brave competitors have entered the Competition. All of them started this year, so don’t be nervous about entering; there’s a strong chance that any of you could win 😉 .
The first round of the competition will happen this Monday (29th Jan). After the regular warm-up and footwork, we’ll quickly tell you how competitions work and give a quick recap on the rules of foil. In the second round on Monday 5th Feb you’ll (hopefully) get a chance to use the electric fencing equipment (with the beepy light-flashy thingies).
For those who deem themselves too good for a novice comp we’ll be running our regular training sessions alongside on both Mondays, and don’t forget there’s also the regular Friday sessions.
Hugs and kisses
The Fencing Committee

Fencing in the New Year

Dear Fencers,

Happy New Year, hope that you had fun over your festive break.  Fencing this term will take place on Mondays at 6pm-8pm and Fridays at 8pm-10pm at Ethos, starting 8th January at 6pm.