Namih Cup – First week

The annual Namih Cup is ongoing! The cup is named after a previous President, Chris Namih (current Honorary Chair), after he had turned the club around from ~20 members to ~70 members and a completely new and solid structure, which we’re using even today, in only two years time. The competition is meant to provide a bit of end of year fun and is done in teams of three. The teams are meant to be one experienced, one intermediate and one novice, all fencing foil (regardless of normal weapon preference) and each team match going up to 15.


The teams this year are (please note that team names are alcoholic drinks):

Screaming Orgasm: Cosmin, Georgios, Adrien

Grateful Dead: Ed, Mihael, Sarah

Hoegarden: Outi, Veronica, Neil

Dirty Little Girl Scout: Loek, Nick, Oscar

Bloody Mary: Chris, Adam, David

G&T: Charlotte, Caitlin


Current Ranking

1. Screaming Orgasm (1.000 +20)

2. Grateful Dead (0.666 +11)

3. Hoegarden (0.666 +5)

4. G&T (0.333 -5)

5. Dirty Little Girl Scout (0.333 -14)

6. Bloody Mary (0.000 -12)


If you didn’t turn up last week, don’t let it put you off for next session! We’re more than happy to accommodate for more teams and also adjust team members that don’t turn up next week.

[Photos to come, int he meantime check our facebook group]

Newsletter March

March means end of spring term and end of BUCS season. The AGM was held, a new committee elected and Women’s 1st & 2nd and Men’s 1st wrapped up their respective seasons with Championship & Trophy semi-finals and finals. In the middle of everything we also managed to fit in a friendly with Sussex.


The Championship semi-finals were held on the 6th March, on the first of two (to us relevant) “BUCS Big Wednesday”. Men’s 1st faced Edinburgh 1st home at Ethos, whereas Women’s 1st returned to Cardiff. The girls had beaten Cardiff twice already during the season, however they were aware that they could surprise and decided not to take anything for granted. Upon arrival, they found a Cardiff team that had been unable to field all their top fencers, leaving Imperial to confidently win 135-96! The men weren’t disappointed against Edinburgh either, after the sabreurs had started things off with a 45-18 victory. After 40-45 in foil, they needed 24 hits in epee and even if the opponents were strong they were able to score 38-45 before the end of 9 bouts, and both teams were heading to Leeds for Championship finals!


Women’s 2nd had a busy month, with 3 matches: 2 league and the Trophy final. Whilst the 1sts were tackling their semi-finals, they’d travelled out to Brunel but were 6 hits short of a victory (115-121). However, they were still aiming for the Trophy final, the day before Championship finals, more than anything else. In Leeds, they faced Aberdeen 1st, a strong team which had gone unbeaten throughout the year. IC’s girls fought hard, but had to see the return of loss-by-6-points (104-110).  They were still pleased with how they’d done, and made sure to end the season on a good note by beating Royal Holloway by 135-98 the following day. Men’s 2nd wrapped up their season against ULU 2nd, a match which ended 123-133.


To break the BUCS trend, and encourage people of all levels to compete together, a friendly against Sussex University was organised. A group of 16 fencers, mixed foil and epee, went down to join their training and turn it in to a mini-competition. After a mix of epee and foil matches, the final winner varied depending on who you asked; they’d won 3 out of 5, however we’d won based on points. We’re obviously going for the latter option and are hoping to be able to host them sometime soon!


Getting people to turn up to the AGM this year had a new twist: pizza. It turned out successful as a whole 30 people joined to vote in a new committee as well as listened to a summary of what has happened through the year.


Championship finals were on last thing, the day after W2nd’s Trophy final. Both were facing Cambridge but the settings were pretty much mirrored: the IC women’s had won the league with Cambridge second having lost only to IC whilst Cambridge’s men had won the league ahead of IC who had dropped two matches, against Cambridge. The ladies started their match with sabre, pulling up to a solid start of 45-32. Epee had a closer call, finishing it at 45-40 but it meant that foil needed 27 hits for us to win the match. Easy some might think, but Cambridge’s foil team is very strong so tension remained high. Outi tackled the first match with some newly discovered creativity and energy, passing the bar to Alice after 5-0.  Our foilists were not in for a disappointment, and kept the lead for several bouts whilst showing off some brilliant fencing. 32-45 and victory was ours!


The guys had a harder nut to crack. It started off on a good side, because even if epee lost their final result (38-40) was much better than previous encounters and set the hopes for the rest of the team. Foil had a tougher time and ended at 31-45, putting pressure on the sabreurs to win by at least 45-28. They won sabre, but by 45-44 after having lagged behind for most of the match until Maiyuran stepped up in the last bout and turned it around. However, the points didn’t add up to IC’s favour and had to admit Cambridge the better team.


I thought the March newsletter was going to be a short one, but how wrong could I be! That’s the end of term and I probably won’t be writing much for a while. I hope you’ve enjoyed the year and that you’ll continue joining us for our Friday sessions until term ends!
Fencing love,


Newsletter February – The Month of BUCS

It may be that February is shorter than other months, but would this stop ICFC from doing stuff? On the contrary! It appears to be a very competition and match loaded month.


Men’s 1st team tracked to Oxford to complete their second premier weekend. Since Oxford had been unable to make it for when we were hosting, there were some issues around re-organising it, so in the end it was declared a void. Other than that the second weekend in large mimicked the first with all victories bar against Cambridge, and Glen was named “BK MVP” for his efforts as foil anchor.


Both Men’s and Women’s 1st then had their first round of Championship knock-out matches at Ethos, against Manchester and Birmingham respectively. The matches were reasonably relaxed and were both won, the Men by 126-107 and Women 126-88. Semi finals are coming up this Wednesday, with the girls having to track to Cardiff (despite being the higher ranked team) and the Men greeting Edinburgh on home ground. Given that both win their matches, it’s off to Leeds in late March for the finals!


In Leeds we will also be joined by the Women’s 2nds who have had a brilliant season. Having had to travel a lot  for the Trophy knock-out matches, they have held their spirits high and gone on to first beat Exeter by 130-127 in the quarter finals and later Plymouth by 124-120. They have the final in Leeds on Tuesday 19th March (Championship finals the day after) against the winner of Aberdeen and Sheffield. As for their league, they had to leave a walkover against Surrey after being unable to field a team resulting in them being ranked 4th with two matches to go.


Men’s seconds are wrapping up their league and only have one match left. Their league has proven way to tough despite a good team, but the mood as still been kept on the good side of things and they trot on. Men’s 3rd have had their last match for the season and have ended on 3 victories and 3 losses, ranked 4th out of 7 in their league.


BUCS Individuals took place last week as well, and the club did well this year too. In Men’s sabre we had an all IC final between Maiyuran and Camille, who offered a good show before it ended 15-14 for Maiyuran. The other medal collected was by Caitlin in Women’s epee, meaning we had one of each value. All IC results:


Men’s sabre:
1. Maiyuran R.
2. Camille v H.
6. Henry G.
41. Loek J.
75. Shaun W.
98. Duncan L.
(108 entries)

Women’s Foil
9. Outi S.
15. Alice M.
72. Sarah C.
(90 entries)

Men’s Foil
26. Glen O.
40. Clyde F.
80. Ed C.
105. Shaun W.
118. Arnold N.
125. Dimitris V.
(134 entries)

Women’s Epee
3. Caitlin J.
8. Kat Y.
53. Becky R.
59. Charlotte L.
(100 entries)

Men’s Epee
16. Harry G.
66. Jamie S.
72. Jon A.
113. Tom P. (pulled out after poule because of injury)
(138 entries)

Women’s Sabre
5. Zoe R.
19. Emma H.
32. Jingles X.
(64 entries)


As if BUCS wasn’t enough, two teams went to Paris for the yearly international student competition hosted by École Polytechnique. Entered was one foil team of novices (Cosmin, Martin and George) and the Women’s 1st Epee team (Charlotte, Caitlin and Kat). The latter only came for the team event, but surprised the other teams by rocking up unknown and going on to win, whereas the three foilists fenced both Individual and teams. Final results have not yet been uploaded, but all competitors had great fun and are already looking forward to next year!


Finally, we have the AGMs coming up very soon, so by the next newsletter I will be able to announce the new committee! Don’t forget to stand for the positions (you can find a list of them here) by emailing fencing [at] and get someone to second you!


Fencing love,




PS. If you have any more pictures we can upload, please email!

Newsletter January

It has only been a few weeks since term started, but a fair amount has happened nonetheless. The novices are now fencing electric full time, and friendly matches against both UCL and Sussex later on are being planned. Some of them have gone to the friendly competitions organised by Central and have found them great of fun.

The teams have been kept busy as well: Women’s 2nds are on to the quarterfinals in the BUCS Trophy after having beaten Royal Holloway away 135-110. They’re doing well in the league as well, with another away victory against ULU, that time with the impressive score 135-57. Very well done ladies!

Men’s 2nds fenced UCL 1st recently, a team which judging by level would do well even in the Premier League, and had to find themselves defeated on home grounds by 135-89. Men’s 3rd have got a good wave going, first beating UCL 2nd 133-128 and then a week later ULU 2nd 133-96.

Men’s 1st have finally got around to starting their Premier League matches and were successful against both Bristol (122-93) and UWE (134-104) but Cambridge had gotten too strong and won 121-104. Women’s 1st only fenced two matches, against Cambridge and UCL and won both with 128-120 and 131-90 respectively.

Overall, Imperial is the university with the most BUCS point for fencing, and we’re also Imperial’s best sport with 166 points (closest is Table Tennis with 95 points…)

Felix Articles this month:

Helen’s pun dense report on W2nd’s victory against ULU

Charlotte’s summary of premier weekend

Much fencing love,



BBncibUCYAAE01D foil-faff Maiyuran-cheer sabre-lunge back-hit glen-cheer


Newsletter December

Foilist and Sabreurs, Epeeists and Vistors!


The end of term is now very near, and Christmas trees are flashing all around campus. With only one training left this term, I figured it was time to post another newsletter.


Let’s start with the novices! There have been a lot of enthusiastic newcomers to the club, which is amazing! For the first 3 weeks we had taster sessions and I think almost 80-100 turned up. Of these, about 40 have continued on our Novice Course, where they have been taught the basics for a few weeks and now on the last training were introduced to electric fencing.


For the teams the results have varied. The Men’s 2nd team have found that the level of their league has gone up massively so they’re yet to get a victory. We should give them credit for still keeping it up though, and you’ve got all our support! The Men’s 3rd have had a better season with 2 victories out of 6. Our Men’s 1st have yet to fence any of their matches, as there have been some issues around scheduling the weekends.

The women are currently proving to be stronger and the 2nd team have won 3 out of 5 and are currently ranked 2nd in their league (South Eastern 1A). The 1st team has managed to live up to their winning suite from previous years and is leading their league with 6 out of 6 victories.


On the social side we’ve had both Fresher’s Bowling and a Christmas Dinner, both of which were great success. It was great to see some fresh faces on both, a student club always relies on more people joining in. And how can we say no to more people being enchanted by the sport?


I wish you all a merry, merry Christmas and I’m looking forward to seeing you back next term!




Newsletter October

It’s the end of the beginning, or even better; the beginning of the rest! October has passed surprisingly quickly, and it’s time for a first newsletter. So what has happened? It all started at Freshers’ Fair, where we stood with Jelly Babies and cocktail swords, had a demonstration piste and lots, and lots of sign ups! I was almost a bit worried as the number of names for novice taster sessions went up and up, but at the end of the day it’s great to see that so many people are interested.

Even more exciting were the team trials with both a bunch of old members and lots of fresh faces turning up! The team captains found themselves having plenty of keen members, and I’m crossing my fingers for another successful year ahead. Hopefully we’ll also see several match reports here on the website, and most of the time you can follow the results via twitter (@IC_Fencing).

Routines are now gradually falling in to place, with new coaches, extended training hours and all that comes with it. We’re going to be uploading the lesson list here, uploading pictures and publishing reports of how the teams are doing.

Stay tuned!

Fencing love,

freshers-fair-2012 Imperial Fencers London Team TrophyTeam Trials

Taster Sessions for Novices

We’ve had an amazing number of people signing up for taster sessions this year. It’s great to see that so many are interested in joining the club, but we are reaching a point where these sessions are filling up quickly. Please check the list below for times and email fencing [at] imperial dot ac dot uk if you want to join one.

Friday 12th October 6-7pm FULL
Friday 12th October 7-8pm FULL

Friday 19th October 6-7pm FULL
Friday 19th October 7-8pm FULL

Friday 26th October 6-7pm FULL
Friday 26th October 7-8pm FULL

Friday 2nd November 6-7pm FULL CANCELLED
Friday 2nd November 7-8pm FULL CANCELLED

All sessions take place at Ethos Sports Centre (7 Prince Gardens), on the badminton courts. Bring with you sports cloths (tshirt and long tracksuit trousers, not shorts!), trainers and maybe a water bottle. The beginners course will start after the taster sessions, ie 9th November, and if interest is higher than we can deal with then we’ll look in to running one in Spring term as well.

Charlotte Levin
President IC Fencing

Welcome everyone, to another year!

And so we’ve reached that point again. The Fresher’s have arrived, all clubs are gearing up to attract as many people as possible at Fresher’s Fair and the Fencing Club is not different. Last year was a success: we had more novices than ever before trying it out and also staying, our teams had several successes including BUCS Championships gold for the Women’s 1st, bronze for the Men’s 1st and the Women’s 2nd, Men’s 2nd and Men’s 3rd finished 3rd, 2nd and 6th respectively in their leagues, and we took several medals in the BUCS Individual Championships. But most importantly of all: we had a great time!

Another year is coming up, and a few things are changing such as coaches and training hours, but a lot stays the same. We’re looking forward to seeing many, many fresh faces, both those that have fenced before and those that are completely new to the sport. Please come find us at Fresher’s Fair, sneak in to one of our trainings if you’re curious or email (fencing [at] imperial dot ac dot uk) if you want!

I’m definitely looking forward to this year, and I have a feeling that it’s going to be great!

President IC Fencing

Half way through the term

So this website has been active for far too long, which is my (this year’s webmaster) fault. So here’s a quick summary of what has happened so far:


The club has had an amazing start, with a lot of freshers turning up. We have a large group of novices staying with us which is amazing, as well as a good group of more experienced fencers joining regularly. The teams are rocking up, the women’s first team standing strong with 4 victories from their first premiership weekend and the women’s second are working hard and have currently lost one match and won one. For the men, the first have yet to wait for their first weekend while the seconds are leading their league with 2 out of 3 victories, and the thirds have fenced two but are still fighting hard to get their first victory.


Anyhow, make sure to check in here for recent news about what is happing as well as lesson timetable. Keep turning up, and keep the good spirit!



Webmaster and W1st Team Captain