Imperial Fencing Takes Paris

Members of Imperial Fencing are away at the X-Systra competition this week. This annual student competition is held at École polytechnique in Paris and attracts fencers from all over the world.

Keep an eye on this post for (probably  sporadic) updates on the competition from all the group (Mainly from Grace and some from/edited by Haroon)

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Namih Cup 2015/2016

EDIT: The Namih cup has been postponed and will occur at a later date (TBC). The annual Namih Cup will be held on the 7th, 14th and 18th of December. The Namih Cup is a team foil competition where each team is comprised of one experienced, one intermediate and one novice fencer. Keep an eye on this post as it’ll be updated with news and results as they are released.

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Match Report: Women’s 2nds Vs Royal Holloway (Home)

Written by Angie Garland

This week was our first home match, and as the saying goes, those who are closest are last to arrive. It was our turn as the home team to turn up after the away team arrived. Though I (Angie), being the #keenbean that I am had arrived over an hour before the match (Cancelled lecture – I’m not that keen) to be called away to get kit for said match. After awkwardly waiting at the bus stop outside Beit for 5 minutes, waving on buses as they stopped, for Grace to help with the kit. We went up to the cupboard and proceeded to chat for over half an hour with our lovely President (Carys). We even convinced her to referee for us. Score.

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Match Report: Women’s 2nds Vs Kings College London (Away)

Written by Angie Garland

The team turned up to the hall for the match – arriving BEFORE the home team. Walking into the hall, there was a hope that maybe this time we would win the match. Little did we know the hall’s dank, dark appearance was some foreshadowing. We slowly started to understand a reason that the home team may have not arrived so early would be due to the smell of the hall – seriously that place smelt BAD. Though things looked promising when the home team arrived with only four fencers.  Read More

Imperial Fencing Returns with Medals of Two Metals

It was a crisp Saturday morning as a group of Imperial fencers headed out to St Paul’s School Sports Hall for the London Team Trophy. The number of entries for the competition was its highest ever, with 16 epee teams, 16 foil teams and 12 sabre teams, making the competition the second biggest team event in the country after the National Championships. Representing Imperial were three full teams. In foil: Imperial 1st with Ed Collier, Chris Gilliam, Outi Supponen and Robert Shaw. In epee: Imperial 1st consisting of Ed Gilhead, Marcello Colombino and Miles Gandolfi and Imperial 2nd with Thorsten Hamann, Charlotte Levin and Peter Cronbach. In both weapons, we had previous year’s results to defend, gold for the foil team and silver for epee.

In the epee, Imperial 1st won all their matches in the first round without much trouble, while in the foil Imperial 1st also kept their level high with the same result. Imperial 2nd epee lost one out of three matches and won the rest with a comforting margin. All teams easily qualified for the quarterfinal knock out rounds.

In the quarterfinal draw for the epee, Imperial 1st were faced once again with a young ULU team they had meet in the first round and Imperial 2nd was up against a team called “+39”, a hint that the entire team originated from Italy. Imperial 2nd unfortunately had to admit themselves defeated by the skilled Italians. Though the sad faces did not last for long as Imperial 1 methodically made their way to the final, convincingly beating +39 in the semis. In the final they faced Brixton, a strong team of young fencers. The match was even, swaying back and through all the way to the last period where Imperial showed the value of experience and keeping their nerves under control to win the match and clinch gold.

Meanwhile, in another hall, the foil team was presenting results similar to the first team epeeists. They cruised their way to victory in both quarterfinal and semi-final, but were defeated in the final by Salle Paul EU, a very strong team from one of the country’s top clubs. This was a small let down compared to last year, when they had won gold, but they at least had the honour to have the President of British Fencing, Keith Smith, as a referee in the last match. When we left the hall at the end of the day, after prize ceremony and high-fives, we were all tired but happy off to enjoy the delights of Halloween.

by Charlotte Levin.

(For a video of the Foil final see )

A Word from the President

I discovered fencing in my first year at Imperial.  A friend suggested I tried it out for some fun and a bit of exercise.  In my first session I found some friends, learned some moves and stabbed some people!  So I kept going, and it didn’t take long for it to become my main source of exercise and an outlet for some of the weakly stress that builds up.  I went to competitions with other people of about my skill level, and enjoyed it so much that I decided to get good enough to get on one of the teams, or go to some of the bigger competitions that some of the higher level fencers went to, some of them in locations such as Paris and Malta.

I also enjoyed the social side of the club as I began to spend more time with the members of the club.  What started as chatting in training and a pint afterwards became going out together to bars, joining them in summer training, or just dropping by if I didn’t have anything to do that afternoon.  The fencing club at Imperial is one of the most welcoming and friendly clubs around, and I now regularly spend most of my free time with other members of the club.

That’s not to say that we only cater for beginners in any way.  We have some of the most highly regarded coaches in London teaching every level of fencer, from “never held a sword before” all the way up to international standards.  Many of our fencers compete in National Opens and do rather well in some of them. We also have club members competing at both junior and senior World Cup events.  Then there are our teams, which compete at every level of university fencing, with many of our teams having a good track record.  In fact, both our Men’s and Women’s 1st teams compete in the BUCS Southern Premiership which last year the Women won with the Men coming second. Both teams then went on to take silver medals in the overall championship, the highest ranked university competition.

The Imperial College Fencing Club is a great place for lots of things.  It’s a great place to get some exercise, for meeting new people and having some fun, for learning a mentally and physically stimulating sport, and for getting competitive at fencing.

Hopefully I’ve convinced you that this is the club for you.  If you aren’t sure, come down and give it a try anyway, you’ve got nothing to lose.  See you on the piste!

Jack Patten


Imperial College Fencing Club

Imperial Reign Supreme

Don’t take our word for it, that was the title that BUCS gave to their article on the BUCS Fencing Individuals:

Imperial reign supreme on the final day of the BUCS Fencing Individuals

Today saw Hannah Bryers from Imperial College, London claim her fourth Women’s Foil Championship in four years over Nikki Barlow from Brunel University.  A fellow competitor from Imperial, Outi Supponen came joint third along with Luisa De Sordi from the University of Kent.

Imperial continued to shine in the Men’s Sabre competition.  Every competitor was expecting Franceso Egro from the University of Bristol to retain his title once again, but he met his match against Stephen Fenwick from Northumbria in the last 16.  Fenwick then went on to lose against the eventual winner, Maiyuran Ratneswaran from Imperial.  Coming in second was Dominic Kerr from Oxford, with Matt Billing (Bristol) and Henry Gann (Imperial) taking the bronze medals.

Congratulations to everyone who went!

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New Year, New Site

Hey all,

It’s the start of another College year, and hopefully it’ll be another good one for the club!

Regular training sessions start on Monday the 5th as well as a Welcome Back Social,  Freshers’ Fair on Tuesday the 6th, and try-outs for  teams on Wednesday the 7th, so it’ll be a busy first week of term. See Emily’s email on the mailing list for more info on what’s coming up.

You’ll also notice that the new site has gone live, if anyone wants to contibute to the site (and I hope you do!) you can register from the link at the bottom of the page, and then I’ll be able to empower you to post up new content. If you have any ideas or suggestions, I’d be very happy to hear those too.

Here’s to a good year,


Imperial Girls make us proud

An injury-stricken team make the crowd shout with excitement at the finals BUCS Champs…

Having scraped a win against Cambridge in the quarter-finals the women’s fencing team were heading to Sheffield for the BUCS championships. In the semi-finals the team were facing Birmingham. It was decided to start the match with epee, knowing that Birmingham had a strong epee team, this was not going to be easy. The Imperial epee team consisting of team captain Emily Bottle, Hannah Bryars and Joan Chang, did a fantastic job of keeping the match close throughout and limited what could have been a significantly worse loss to 2 hits. The same team then continued for the foil, this time though the odds looked to be more in their favour. Things started well with the foil team taking a quick lead to 10-0. After this the problems started, a few unfortunate yellow cards, with the Birmingham team starting to catch up, then Joan fell and twisted her ankle. This meant Gabrielle De Brouwer, who was sitting out as she was recovering from a knee injury gained earlier in the season, had to go on for Joan’s final bout. Despite everything the foil team maintained their lead to win the foil. Finally in the sabre Hannah was joined by Clare Harding and Beth Jelfs. The sabre proved to be a much more straightforward win for the sabre team, who took the lead from first bout and maintained it throughout. With a final score of 128-93 the Imperial team were through to the final.

With Oxford having won their semi-final, the final was looked set to be a close match. The teams had already faced each other twice in the premiership league matches and had a win a piece. Starting this time with the foil, the injured Joan sat out with Gabrielle replacing her. Unfortunately with two extremely strong foilists (including one due to go to the world championships in a few weeks) in the Oxford team, the foil team lost the 30-45. The sabre followed, with an unchanged team from the semi-final. Again the sabre went without any problems winning 45-27. This gave a lead of 3 hits going into the epee. During the break between matches, Clare and Beth had tried their hand at epee. Emily adjudicated that Clare was the least bad of the two but that if Joan could in any way move she was still better than both. Joan made it through her first bout before she was forced to withdraw and Clare had to substitute for her, making a valiant attempt in her first ever epee match. The match remained close throughout, with everyone on the edge of their seats. Unfortunately despite everyone’s best efforts the Oxford team took the epee 45-40 giving them an overall lead of two hits 117-115. Despite the frustration of having come so close in the final, this was a fantastic end to the season which saw the Imperial women’s team lose to only one team throughout the year and gain the silver medals in the team championship. All that was left was to head to the BUCS party to see if Emily could win the chance to dance with Austin Healey.