About the Club

Imperial College Fencing Club is one of the oldest clubs in Imperial, with a reputed history dating back before 1907. Today, the Club is among the larger sports clubs in Imperial and is one of the most successful sports clubs in the College, regularly earning more BUCS points than any other club, and is one of the best university clubs in the country.

The Club’s members achieve one of the highest participation rates among sports clubs and the Club attracts the widest variety of members from all departments across College with an excellent mix of characters. The Club’s activities include two training sessions per week on Monday’s and Fridays, BUCS matches, trips to a variety of competitions and regular socials.

The Club’s Constitution and Organisation

The Club is organised by the President and the Committee whose actions are governed by the Club Constitution and the ACC (Athletic Clubs Committee) of Imperial College Union. The President and the Committee work to ensure our members’ interests are satisfied.

See here for details on current and previous Committees

To find out more about the club just drop in to any session, details here.