Match Report: Women’s 2nds Vs Kings College London (Away)

Written by Angie Garland

The team turned up to the hall for the match – arriving BEFORE the home team. Walking into the hall, there was a hope that maybe this time we would win the match. Little did we know the hall’s dank, dark appearance was some foreshadowing. We slowly started to understand a reason that the home team may have not arrived so early would be due to the smell of the hall – seriously that place smelt BAD. Though things looked promising when the home team arrived with only four fencers. 


We started off with épeé, and had a great start, up first was Maria. Straight away she had two single lights in our favour, this was the start the team was hoping for, it was followed by 3 doubles, but hey that’s better than points against. Flo then took to the piste, and kept us in the lead, while having a few coughs and insisting “I’m fine”. Monica made her BUCS debut, and though she wasn’t able to keep our lead, it was still close, our secret left handed weapon. Maria returned to the piste, starting score 15-13 against, and played till time. Monica took over from Maria, the second bout not going necessarily to plan, though it was still a rather close match compared to what it could have been. Flo took to the piste again and fought valiantly while not being able to breathe, losing her bout 5-4. Monica and Maria fought hard for the next two fights, but then there was the sudden substitution. After having not trained in épeé for a year, suddenly I (Angie) was on piste, as the finisher. After a couple lucky hits, I quickly remembered why I stopped fencing épeé – something to do with my lack of patience.
Final Score: 45-30

Maria “a ‘bit’ stressed” Constantinescu -2
Flo “I’m fine, I just can’t breathe, it’s nothing” De Comtes -1
Monica “the debut” Mota -9
Angie “surprise sub” Garland -3


Next we had sabre, another match with only one sabreur on the team, and our options decreased due to the departure of Flo (GET WELL SOON!). Maria took to the piste first, taking a while to get into the swing of sabre, 5-1, not quite the start we were hoping for. Then it was my turn, as the only sabreur on the team I hoped to give us a chance. A few lucky counters, and well timed parries later, the bout ended 10-9 against. Monica stepped in as our 3rd sabreur, using a ratchet attempt at a left handed sabre – otherwise known as just a right-handed sabre in the left hand. So not only was she in her first BUCS match, but now with a different weapon as well. The bout ended 15-11. Maria then fell afoul of the priority of sabre, ending the bout 20-11. Monica took to the piste again growing in confidence in this weapon, several togethers; which the Kings ref was using as a “I don’t know so I’ll call together”. The bout ended with us behind by 12 points, to see if I could create another come back for us, now knowing that the ref was looking for the arm to come forward first, rather than starting the attack with footwork. Unfortunately I didn’t, I tried, more togethers later, 30-15. Monica now went back on and got some great hits, though not enough for us . Maria once again was unable to keep on top of the priority in sabre. 40-18, time for the final bout. I was only able to score 2 hits, bring us to the final score of 45-20. Also of note in this weapon, the box kept malfunctioning and lighting up red (the colour for Kings) randomly, so foil was carried out on a lovely battery powered Leon Paul box.

Maria “Priority in sabre is stupid” Constatinescu -14
Monica “This is more fun than épeé” Mota -8
Angie “the sabreur” Garland -3


Finally we had foil. Tamanna was first up, just getting a bit too close to their foilist, left the bout 5-1 down. Maria came back on, as the third foilist of the team and held her own, matching hit for hit with the Kings fencer. This brought the score up to 10-6 against. Fem came on against a tough fencer, and was unable to make any headway, 15-6. Tamanna came back on, not sure what happened during that two bout interval but sign me up as she was on fire for the next fight. It was taken to time, meaning that she easily won that bout, bring the score up to 18-12 against. (Individually a 3-6 win for Tamanna!). Fem once again was unable to make any headway, 25-12. Maria came back again, evidently priority in foil is easier :p though it is also a point weapon. The bout ended 30-16. Fem came on, and fought with all she had, bringing the score up to 35-18. Evidently whatever had happened to Tamanna had worn off by the next bout, while still forcing the Kings fencer into many, many off-targets, she was unable to have as mighty of a comeback as before, 40-19. Maria returned to the piste, and fought hard, though the bout ended 45-20. We had to win this 45-4 to win the match. Needless to say this didn’t happen.

Tamanna “the power-up” Saghir -7
Maria “G&T time?” Constatinescu -6
Fem “All of the Fight” Alonge -13
Angie “keeping the bench warm” Garland


Overall, we had a 135-70 loss, though we had fun, and well we got Maria drunk afterwards. There is always next match to look forward to. Don’t blink – we’ll make a comeback yet!


  • D***(s) of the Day:
    • Whoever got Flo ill (though that may have been me)
    • I’m also going to award this to myself for asking the ref what they were looking for and not adhering to it.
    • Finally the box, while inanimate still deserves that title.
  • Woman of the Match:
    • This I am awarding to Monica for turning up to her first BUCS match and suddenly ending up fencing two weapons