Namih Cup – First week

The annual Namih Cup is ongoing! The cup is named after a previous President, Chris Namih (current Honorary Chair), after he had turned the club around from ~20 members to ~70 members and a completely new and solid structure, which we’re using even today, in only two years time. The competition is meant to provide a bit of end of year fun and is done in teams of three. The teams are meant to be one experienced, one intermediate and one novice, all fencing foil (regardless of normal weapon preference) and each team match going up to 15.


The teams this year are (please note that team names are alcoholic drinks):

Screaming Orgasm: Cosmin, Georgios, Adrien

Grateful Dead: Ed, Mihael, Sarah

Hoegarden: Outi, Veronica, Neil

Dirty Little Girl Scout: Loek, Nick, Oscar

Bloody Mary: Chris, Adam, David

G&T: Charlotte, Caitlin


Current Ranking

1. Screaming Orgasm (1.000 +20)

2. Grateful Dead (0.666 +11)

3. Hoegarden (0.666 +5)

4. G&T (0.333 -5)

5. Dirty Little Girl Scout (0.333 -14)

6. Bloody Mary (0.000 -12)


If you didn’t turn up last week, don’t let it put you off for next session! We’re more than happy to accommodate for more teams and also adjust team members that don’t turn up next week.

[Photos to come, int he meantime check our facebook group]