Newsletter October

It’s the end of the beginning, or even better; the beginning of the rest! October has passed surprisingly quickly, and it’s time for a first newsletter. So what has happened? It all started at Freshers’ Fair, where we stood with Jelly Babies and cocktail swords, had a demonstration piste and lots, and lots of sign ups! I was almost a bit worried as the number of names for novice taster sessions went up and up, but at the end of the day it’s great to see that so many people are interested.

Even more exciting were the team trials with both a bunch of old members and lots of fresh faces turning up! The team captains found themselves having plenty of keen members, and I’m crossing my fingers for another successful year ahead. Hopefully we’ll also see several match reports here on the website, and most of the time you can follow the results via twitter (@IC_Fencing).

Routines are now gradually falling in to place, with new coaches, extended training hours and all that comes with it. We’re going to be uploading the lesson list here, uploading pictures and publishing reports of how the teams are doing.

Stay tuned!

Fencing love,

freshers-fair-2012 Imperial Fencers London Team TrophyTeam Trials