Newsletter December

Foilist and Sabreurs, Epeeists and Vistors!


The end of term is now very near, and Christmas trees are flashing all around campus. With only one training left this term, I figured it was time to post another newsletter.


Let’s start with the novices! There have been a lot of enthusiastic newcomers to the club, which is amazing! For the first 3 weeks we had taster sessions and I think almost 80-100 turned up. Of these, about 40 have continued on our Novice Course, where they have been taught the basics for a few weeks and now on the last training were introduced to electric fencing.


For the teams the results have varied. The Men’s 2nd team have found that the level of their league has gone up massively so they’re yet to get a victory. We should give them credit for still keeping it up though, and you’ve got all our support! The Men’s 3rd have had a better season with 2 victories out of 6. Our Men’s 1st have yet to fence any of their matches, as there have been some issues around scheduling the weekends.

The women are currently proving to be stronger and the 2nd team have won 3 out of 5 and are currently ranked 2nd in their league (South Eastern 1A). The 1st team has managed to live up to their winning suite from previous years and is leading their league with 6 out of 6 victories.


On the social side we’ve had both Fresher’s Bowling and a Christmas Dinner, both of which were great success. It was great to see some fresh faces on both, a student club always relies on more people joining in. And how can we say no to more people being enchanted by the sport?


I wish you all a merry, merry Christmas and I’m looking forward to seeing you back next term!