Fencing avoid the fake tan

Loek Janssen pokes you in the ribs. It’s called fencing, don’t get so mad…

Rolling into Essex campus the slightly understrength 3rd team were prepared for a bashing, things started well with Jamie ‘destroyer’ Simpson damaging Essex in the warm-up. Then first up was our foil team of Andy Simpson, Niall Corry and Thoe Suter. Getting us off to a great start was old timers Thoe and Andy who dropped only three points for the first 10 to imperial, and then new to the team fresher Niall showed his worth (and flexible arm skills) in a 5-1 victory. The three musketeers continued their fine form and put imperial into an impressive 45-14 lead.

Then team captain Loek Janssen, new team member Pavitar Singh and conscripted foillist Thoe stepped onto the piste for sabre. Despite starting well the team fell to a 30-24 deficit with just 3 bouts (to 5) to play. However a late push from Pav and Thoe brought imperial to within 3 points of their opponents, leaving it to the captain to win his spurs with a stunning (lucky) final hit against his Essex counterpart to win sabre 45-44.

Finally with a strong lead and time running out the epee team went onto the piste to attempt to bring the match home. Due to the absence of a couple of epeeist, Pav and continuing star of the show Thoe would provide the support to Jamie Simpson in the final bouts. Generally the slowest of the 3 weapons the lack of time prompted some show stopping fighting and a 5-1 win to Jamie in just 27 seconds (surely some sort of record). Fittingly three-weapon Thoe provided the overall match winning hit while Pav and Jamie secured a victory with a great 45-34 win. Giving Imperial a fantastic win of 135-92 in all 3 weapons and so bringing a successful end to the 3rd teams Essex adventure.

Felix Sport