Half way through the term

So this website has been active for far too long, which is my (this year’s webmaster) fault. So here’s a quick summary of what has happened so far:


The club has had an amazing start, with a lot of freshers turning up. We have a large group of novices staying with us which is amazing, as well as a good group of more experienced fencers joining regularly. The teams are rocking up, the women’s first team standing strong with 4 victories from their first premiership weekend and the women’s second are working hard and have currently lost one match and won one. For the men, the first have yet to wait for their first weekend while the seconds are leading their league with 2 out of 3 victories, and the thirds have fenced two but are still fighting hard to get their first victory.


Anyhow, make sure to check in here for recent news about what is happing as well as lesson timetable. Keep turning up, and keep the good spirit!



Webmaster and W1st Team Captain