Imperial Reign Supreme

Don’t take our word for it, that was the title that BUCS gave to their article on the BUCS Fencing Individuals:

Imperial reign supreme on the final day of the BUCS Fencing Individuals

Today saw Hannah Bryers from Imperial College, London claim her fourth Women’s Foil Championship in four years over Nikki Barlow from Brunel University.  A fellow competitor from Imperial, Outi Supponen came joint third along with Luisa De Sordi from the University of Kent.

Imperial continued to shine in the Men’s Sabre competition.  Every competitor was expecting Franceso Egro from the University of Bristol to retain his title once again, but he met his match against Stephen Fenwick from Northumbria in the last 16.  Fenwick then went on to lose against the eventual winner, Maiyuran Ratneswaran from Imperial.  Coming in second was Dominic Kerr from Oxford, with Matt Billing (Bristol) and Henry Gann (Imperial) taking the bronze medals.

Congratulations to everyone who went!

Full results for Imperial fencers after the jump:

Mens Foil (137 entrants)
Chris Gilliam – 9th
Rob Shaw – 11th
Colin Auclair – 18th
Indy Leclercq – 41st
Edward Collier – 44th
Alexander Morris – 61st

Womens Foil (77)
Hannah Bryars – Gold
Outi Supponen – Bronze
Alice Mitchell – 8th
Emily Bottle – 16th
Marie Von Srbik – 55th
Jacqueline Johnson – 62nd

Mens Epee (118)
Marcello Colombino – 9th
Edward Gilhead – 16th
Chris Gilliam – 39th

Womens Epee (79)
Emily Bottle – 23rd
Helen Pennington – 74th

Mens Sabre (108)
Maiyuran Ratneswaran – Gold
Henry Gann – Bronze
Chris Gilliam – 39th
Alex Morris – 40th
Guillaume Joubert – 44th

Womens Sabre (51)
Clare Harding – 17th