Fencing Holidays in France

Priscille (our coach on Mondays) is putting together some exciting fencing holidays in France. Fencing holidays are a great way to quickly develop your fencing, whilst also being a fantastic way to have a break and get away from studies for just a few days. All Club members are welcome, including beginners.

There are two separate trips, click on the links for details:

Fencing Weekend in Dinard – Brittany, France – click here for more info

Fencing at the beach – St Raphael, Cote d’Azur – click here for more info

Jean-Christophe (our coach on Fridays) will be coaching alongside Priscille on both trips. In Dinard, Frank Nicolet will be the Sabre coach – he is training the top 10 Sabre in France. In St Raphael, Maître Reilhes will be the saber coach, he was venerable Sabre educator at the National fencing coach school for 2 years. All in all this is some world class coaching!!

If you like the sound of fencing in the french sun then email the club, the address is: fencing @ imperial  ac uk