Women’s vs Kent

After finally having it confirmed we had won the southern premiership by the narrowest of margins, the draw for the last 16 put us up against the University of Kent, winners of the south eastern conference…

Unfortunately with all-rounder Joan having suffered a knee injury (entirely unrelated to fencing), this left us one person short in all weapons. With captain Hannah already fencing all three it looked as though Emily and Beth would be branching out into sabre and foil respectively. Whilst this seemed to amuse everyone, it was luckily never actually put into action as Eleni had finished exams and was now free to fence.

First weapon was foil after a slightly shaky start for the out of practice Eleni we gradually started to build up a lead which the opposition never recovered. Sabre followed and was a much closer fought throughout in the end going our way by only 5 hits – largely down to the efforts of Hannah. Epee was the finally weapon of day and after much debate over who should, or more to the point shouldn’t join Hannah and Emily as the third epeeist, much to Beth’s relief it again fell to Eleni, who in her first match back found herself fencing all three weapons. As it turned out epee was to be our strongest weapon and it soon became clear that there was no way they were going to be able to win by the margin needed to win the match overall. The final score was 135-96 to us putting us through to the quarter finals where we will be facing the University of Bristol.