Imperial girls’ final stand

IC girls fight hard one last time…Having made it to the BUSA quarter finals we now faced the University of Bristol, a team we had already met twice this season in the league. We may have beaten them on both occasions but they had not been easy victories and with Joan still injured we knew it would be a close match. This week we had also managed to enrol the help of Manuela, a foilist who had not fenced for us before but had in previous seasons fenced on the UCL team. The foil team fought a good match but with Bristol’s top foilist causing problems for both Manuela and Emily, we went into the final bout behind. It was a close fight with Hannah just taking it, but despite the personal victory we remained behind and lost by five hits 40-45.

Sabre was next and again was a closely fought match; with neither Beth nor Eleni having good starts, the first few bouts put Bristol in the lead. This left Hannah trying to catch up, her attempts to shout louder than the screams from the varsity netball match on the adjacent courts seemed to be working for her as she closed the gap. Unfortunately a lapse in concentration led her to forget the difference between foil and sabre and she also gained a yellow card for her efforts. In the subsequent bouts we continued to maintain the distance, until in her last bout Beth managed to catch up and Hannah then extended this lead in the final bout winning by seven hits 45-38.

After the first two weapons this gave us a two hit lead going into the epee, after the same debate as last week as to who should fill the final epee spot, it was decided again that Eleni would start with Beth as sub. After a rocky start for Eleni, Hannah decided to try subbing Beth in to see if that improved matters, unfortunately this was not to be the case. Despite Emily’s valiant attempts Hannah again went into the final bout behind and as with foil gave the opposition an extremely close match but remained behind losing in the end by nine hits 36-45.

This gave us an overall loss of seven hits with a final score of 121-128 putting us out of the championship for this year. Overall we’ve had a great season, winning the southern premiership and making the quarter finals of the championship and despite being disappointed not to have made it to the semi finals at British University Championships, this gives us something to aim for next year.