First Victory to IC Men’s 1st

Victory to IC Men’s 1st Fencing Team vs. Sussex University Men’s.  135-73

This was the first match of the new session for the Men’s 1st and a very convincing win, the team should be proud of the start to the season. Taking to the piste for IC were many new faces assisted by some veterans from the team last year…

The match kicked off with foil. The IC Foilists, in the shape of Ed Collier, Chris Namih and Indy Leclercq, taking an early lead. Finally finishing off Sussex’s Foilists in fine style and a massive 26 point margin. Following them was the Sabre team consisting of; Jean-Romain  Cavaillez, Seung ‘Wookie’ Lyeo and Maiyuran  Ratneswaran.  After a slightly unsure start by Maiyuran, the Sabreuers managed to wake up and pull a 24 point win out of the bag. This left the Epee team to close the match. Following the decisive wins at Foil and Sabre, the match was by this point a foregone conclusion, 45 points being the most one weapon is able to win by, so it was purely for IC pride that the Epee team  were fencing. It was the concept of fencing that seemed to stump, fresher, Marcello Colombino with him losing his first match 5-0. Thankfully the day was rescued by the now experienced, veteran, Alessandro Costamagna and, myself, Edward Gilhead, with Marcello finally working out what to do by the final bout of the match.

Edward Gilhead

IC Fencing Men’s 1st Captain