FIE Changes Foil Sabre Rules

FIE Congress decides to make a significant change to foil target area
From BFA Magazine:

The following key decisions were taken at the FIE Congress in Madrid:

From January 2009:
At foil the bib, from 1.5-2cm below the chin, will be part of the valid target. More details are still to be worked out.

From September 2008:
At foil, if protection or substitution [i.e. covering of the target area] leads to a hit arriving off-target, the referee will be able to award a valid hit (as well as penalties)

With immediate application:
At sabre, the definition of the attack has been slightly modified. Notably in a compound attack with a lunge(t.75.3.b) the hit must arrive at the latest when the front foot hits the piste. – the words “or immediately afterwards” have been removed.