Imperial 2nd v. St. Georges 1st

Imperial Men’s 2nd Fencing team got their season off to the perfect start with a hard fought victory against St George’s 1st team that went right to the wire.

Late arrivals dictated that Sabre would be fenced first. St George’s took an early lead when Will Hoy found himself defeated 3 – 5 in the first match and despite Luka Lukic, Maurice Berk and the aforementioned Will battling valiantly, it was a lead they were never able to overcome, eventually succumbing 38 – 45 in that weapon.

Foil was up next and this proved to feature some of the most controversial and electrifying moments of the match. Ez Hassan eventually made his way to a 5 – 3 victory in the first match, with tensions running high over debatable referring decisions. Next up was Norris who struggled in his first contest, managing 4 hits to their 7 and surrendering the lead. Nathan Blundell scored 5 in his first, leaving the contest balanced on a knife edge at 14 – 15. Norris then redeemed himself with a fine 6 – 2 victory over the opposition captain before Ez further extended the lead to 25 – 20. Nathan then produced some simply sublime fencing, thrashing their best foilist 5 – 1, apparently putting the game beyond doubt at 30 – 21, and earning himself the man of the match award. Yet rather than rolling over and accepting their fate, St George’s bounced back with two massive victories, leaving the final score for foil a nail-bitingly close 45 – 43.

Going into épeé, the combined scores stood at 83 – 88, requiring the final weapon to be won by at least 5 points. Luka set the ball rolling with a 5 – 3 victory and Maurice’s blushes due to a 3 – 7 defeat were saved when Ez followed this up with a 7 – 2 victory, leaving Imperial 3 points in the lead. Maurice’s 5 – 5 draw in the next match up did nothing to change the situation while Luka’s hard work to extend the lead by 2 points in his 5 – 3 victory was partially undone when Ez found himself on the wrong end of 5 – 6 score line. With 4 points in the lead and 3 matches to go, team captain Maurice stepped up to the piste and exploited the inexperience of his opponent to the full with a resounding 5 – 1 victory, increasing the lead to 8 points and seemingly putting the match beyond doubt. Ez drew his final match up 5 – 5 while Luka made sure with another excellent performance in a 5 – 1 victory, leaving the final score for épeé 45 – 33 and the combined score 128 – 121.