Imperial 1st v. ULU Men’s 1st

Hard fought match doesn’t quite go right for Imperial…

The first match of the season saw the Mens 1st Fencing team away to the University of London. With both team captain Chris and club president Chris having spent much of the summer training with the ULU team, there was a certain amount of healthy rivalry going into this match. First up was the foil match, having both fenced ULU’s top foilist on many occasions there was much debate over which Chris should take the anchor position for the final bout. Captain Chris decided against taking it himself which meant he started the match with the first bout against their top foilist.  Despite a hard fought fight, after losing this first bout the Imperial team never quite managed to regain the upper hand, with Nathan, the one member of the team to never have fenced any of the ULU team, having the most success (who said left handers were awkward). Chris decided to substitute himself for reserve Alex for his final bout, but even this change to a fresh fencer did nothing to save the foil team and left the other Chris with an unenviable chase in the final bout. With the pressure on Chris went into the bout knowing that he had beaten his opponent before, though this though was not to be his day and the foil victory went to ULU.

Epee was up next, despite being experienced fencers all three of the epeeists are freshers so this was their first BUSA team match  and added to that they were going into it knowing the team really needed a win in epee to keep them in with a chance of winning. The first bout started well for Ed but after a close fight eventually went ULUs way. Sjoerd and Alessandro’s bouts followed in a similar vein and despite the best efforts of all three fencers by the time it came to the final bout, short of a minor miracle a win was realistically beyond Imperials grasp. Despite this Alessandro was not giving up that easily and gave the ULU fencer a good run for his money.

Finally up last was the sabre and short of winning by a huge margin this was mainly for the pride. Sabre started well with an easy victory for Charlie over the injured ULU captain and continued well. Despite being primarily a foilist Alex had the best performance of the match in sabre (and was ultimately the only member of the team to avoid the forfeits in the bar later). All was looking good until the final bout where despite good performance until this point Wookie gave away 11 points of their lead before finally managing the 5 needed for a win in sabre. Unfortunately this win in sabre was not enough to make up for the previous losses and ULU won the overall match. All that was left was a trip to the ULU bar for a drink with our hosts and to administer the forfeits for bad performances, though whilst there, small consolation was found in the news that the Mens 2nd team had at least won their first match.