Close but no Cigar

Imperial Men’s 1st v. Southampton Men’s 1st After the setback of the first match, last week was crunch time for the Men’s 1st fencing team as then needed nothing less than a win to keep their chances of being promoted alive (and to stop the gloating from the 2nd team). This chance came in the form of a home match against Southampton.  

Like the previous match, foil was the first weapon to be contested and following the slightly under par performance the week before, there was a large amount of pressure on them to step it up a gear. With this in mind, the captain decided that a change was required in the anchor position (the most important position in the team). However, contrary to all advice given to him, instead of putting himself as anchor he chose Nathan (much to Nathan’s disappointment). Unfortunately this change did not have the desired affect and foil ended with a deficit of 11 hits in favour of Southampton.  

Next up was epee to salvage the mess the foil team had created, and after a rocky start (mentioning no names Ed) they started to make up the deficit. In particular, Sjoerd’s stunning individual performance, handing out 7 unanswered hits, to gain the man of the match award. Consequently by the time the epee team had worked their magic the scores were level, at 79 hits a piece.

The last weapon of the contest was sabre, bearing the hopes of the team (especially the underperforming foilists). Again, they did not get the perfect start everyone wanted, however with an excellent come back, Alex steered the team in to the lead, so that going into the final bout imperial led in sabre (and overall) by 2 hits. Thus after 26 bouts of fencing the whole match came down to the 27th and final bout, nevertheless things were not meant to be and we lost by a narrow margin of 5 hits. Yet again only leaving the trip to the bar as consolation.