Tips and Tactics


  • It helps immensely if you can grip the ball in one hand.  Using the seams or logos on the ball can make this easier.
  • Aim below the waist to avoid getting caught.
  • Go as far forward as you can when throwing in order to minimise the distance to your target.
  • Never throw by yourself unless you are certain you are going to get someone out or you are losing and desperately running out of time.


  • Always be ready to catch every ball that is thrown.  Nevertheless, try to avoid going for catches travelling down the corridor of uncertainty, i.e. difficult or risky ones (especially when you are winning).
  • Try and stabilise yourself with your body behind the ball (crouching if necessary) to maximise your chances of making the catch.


  • Some say dodging is just deciding which ones not to catch!

No Man’s Land

  • Stay on the back wall at all times unless you are throwing.  This gives you more to time to react and therefore catch or dodge successfully.

Staying in Position

  • Don’t stray across the line of sight of your teammates as this will make dodging and catching very difficult for them.
  • Similarly, don’t ever stop watching the opposition, e.g. don’t ever turn your back to them.  You can’t dodge or catch balls if you are not looking!

Numbering the Opposition

  • Number the opposing team from 1 to 6, starting from the left.
  • When on the attack with multiple balls, pick a target and throw at them at the same time.  This will make it more difficult for them to dodge or catch you.

Counter-Attacking and Retreating

  • When you have one ball and your opponents have two, defend or dodge them and then immediately try to hit them while they are still stranded in no man’s land.
  • Similarly, after you have thrown, retreat to your back wall as quickly as you can as you are vulnerable at the front of the court.

The Opening Rush

  • If you manage to retrieve the ball during the Opening Rush, flick it back into a teammate’s hands so they can immediately attack opposition runners.

Ball Retention

  • Control the game by stopping balls rebounding off your team’s back wall so as to maximise possession of the balls.  This will make it harder for the opposing team to pick you off and allow you to go on the offensive more often.

Winning and Losing

  • If you are winning, defend your lead and take less risks, e.g. be less inclined to counter-attack.
  • If you are losing and running out of time, give two balls to the opposition and try to catch!

The Pincer

  • When throwing with multiple balls, use the full width of the court.  Opposing players will find it more difficult to keep track of balls coming from different angles.

The Cat and Mouse Game

  • When you have one ball and your opponents have two, throwing your ball as they throw theirs (or pretending to) can disrupt them or even hit them out.
  • Remember to dodge the ones thrown at you!


  • This is when you run and jump onto the opposing team’s side of the court while throwing a ball.  You must release your ball before you land for any hit or catch to count.

The Butterfly and the Bee

  • If you are holding two balls, try lobbing one in the air towards an opposing player to distract them, before hitting them with your other ball.

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