We offer 20+ hours of classes every week in a variety of styles from beginners to advanced for competitive and social dancing.



We have a Ballroom and Latin Team and a Salsa and Bachata Team that compete in competitions around the country.

Have fun


We run socials throughout the year and with over 200 members you won’t find a group of people as diverse in any other club or society.

Ballroom and Latin



Our Ballroom and Latin Team compete in various competitions throughout the year the year and we run classes taught by world-class professional instructors.



Our Main Team comprises of students and ex-students competing from Novice to Advanced. Our Beginners Team is for people with no Ballroom or Latin experience.

No.1 in UK!


Imperial’s Dance team has over 25 couples. Our couples win numerous prizes every year and as a team we are currently the best team in the UK!

Salsa and Bachata

Freestyle Team

Our team compete in salsa and bachata freestyle competitions throughout the year. We offer extra training sessions working on technique, musicality and creativity.

Performance Group

We also run choreographed performance groups at beginners and advanced levels. Join a team of enthusiastic dancers and perform at clubs and competitions around the country!



These classes are perfect for people who want to learn but don’t want to compete. It doesn’t matter if you can’t commit to every lesson, just enjoy the music and dance!


We offer classes for both dances from beginners to advanced. These will give you the skills you need to be able to freestyle to different Latin rhythms.

Argentine Tango

A Beginners level course is taught throughout the year. Teaching is focused on steps rather then routines allowing you to improvise and be creative.

Learn to Dance

Partner dancing can be daunting at first, this is why we offer our newcomers as many options as possible so that you can find what suits you best.

There are “Beginner” classes aimed at people who have never danced before.
NOTE: You do not need a partner! Just turn up and have fun!