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Training: Monday and Wednesday 19:30 to 21:30. Starting Wednesday 6th October
Location: Sherman Lounge at Wilson House Rec Centre (directions)
Cost: £5 students or 10 sessions for £35, £6 other, or 10 sessions for £45

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     Aikido is modern Japanese martial art (dating from 1942) founded by a man named Morihei Ueshiba. He created Aikido (literally meaning 'the way of harmony') by assimilating aspects from the many different martial arts he had studied and from his own deeply spiritual constitution into a new distinct art. Aikido aims to neutralise aggression, not by harming or injuring an opponent but by harmonizing with and redirecting an attackers aggressive intention so that the aikido practitioner can gain control of the attacker. Aikido utilises throws and joint manipulations against armed or unarmed attackers and attacks by a single opponent or multiple opponents.

     Aikido also teaches the use of Ki (universal energy) and mind and body coordination, this enables the aikido practitioner to defend him/herself regardless of physical fitness, strength or agility. Aikido is non-aggressive, does not rely on size or strength and can be learned entirely at your own pace.

If you are interested in trying Aikido come along to any of our sessions, we are always welcoming new members.

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